Golden Triangle Tour- All about Grandeur and Opulence

What is the Golden Triangle Tour?

For those who like to experience bigger things than life, the Golden Triangle Tour is perfect. There is hardly anyone who does not hesitate at all from the travel bug. They have a true calling for some adventure, so they opt for trekking tours, hiking expeditions etc., while there are some who like to delve into the rich past and heritage of the country. The Golden Triangle Tour is for 6 days for such people. Whether it is the Golden Triangle 5-day tour or the Golden Triangle 4 day tour, it is sure to leave you with some fun memories and rich experiences. The Golden Triangle is one of the most sought-after circuits in our country.

Whose arrival in India wants to do this tour for the first time? People choose Golden Triangle 4 days, Golden Triangle 5 days or Golden Triangle 7 days after their finances and time. You get a tour custom designed to suit your requirement so that you can enjoy the Golden Triangle Tour to the fullest. The cultural heritage of the country with its dazzling past, which you get to see in this tour, you will not find anywhere else. Some people also visit the Golden Triangle with Khajuraho tour as it not only covers major cities like Delhi, Agra and Jaipur but you also have to visit Khajuraho which is known for its exotic sculptures and art. Visit Kandariya Mahadev Temple and Laxman Temple in Khajuraho. This tourist destination of Madhya Pradesh has its own distinct charm and appeal. So, in short, the Golden Triangle Tour presents tourists more than their imagination.


Which are cities covered in Golden Triangle Tour?

Golden Triangle Tour encompasses three main cities- New Delhi which is the capital of our country, Jaipur is popularly known as the Pink city and Agra which is the city of majestic Taj Mahal. This trip is called the Golden Triangle as a triangle is formed when you connect all these three destinations on the map. All these cities are well-connected with the road, rail, and air network. Choose a mode of transport which you like.

Number of Days required for Golden Triangle Tour

You need a minimum of at least four to five days to do justice to the Golden Triangle Tour. Even if you have more time on hand it is good as you can spend it exploring key attractions in each city you visit. The Golden Triangle cities have amazing places to shop in. So, if shopping is on your agenda you might even spend 10 days in all. Chandni Chowk in Delhi is a hub of wedding shopping. Jaipur has the best gems and precious stones across the country. In Agra, you will get lovely souvenirs and leather artifacts.


Mode of Transport

Some people hire a private taxi while some like to travel by train or bus. Make sure you do your travel bookings in advance. Air travel ensures faster connectivity. There is a direct flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi to Jaipur. The flight just takes 45 minutes. For an affordable Golden Triangle tour, opt for a train or bus service.


Best time to travel

The idea time to do the Golden Triangle Tour 6 Days is from October to March. December and January can be a little tough as flights and trains might get delayed to fog. Under no circumstance come in summer months as the scorching heat will not allow you to visit key tourist places.


Tips for making your Golden Triangle Tour a success

  • Always travel light and carry things which are needed as over-packing will lead to stress and worry.
  • Stay away from the beggars, thieves and shady guides
  • Eat and drink from clean as well as hygienic places lest there is danger of falling ill.
  • Do not dress inappropriately
  • Wear clothes according to the weather
  • Hire an only pre-paid taxi from a reliable operator because of the security concerns
  • Always have your passport and other vital belongings at some secure place
  • Do not venture out alone anywhere.



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